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Unlock 25% Revenue with Conversational Search Personalize Product Descriptions with Generative AI Answer Queries Instantly with AI Assistant


Unlock 25% Revenue with Conversational Search Personalize Product Descriptions with Generative AI Answer Queries Instantly with AI Assistant

Case to Act

Conversation is the next User Interface.

With the runaway popularity of ChatGPT, customers are seeing the power of conversational interfaces to search, ask product questions, buy, and much more. Customers’ familiarity and ease of use with conversational UI presents a unique opportunity for e-commerce retailers to delight customers by converting their websites into an intelligent associate that knows everything about every product. Conversational UI wins customer trust by answering their questions in real-time and helping them make the right choice!

Search engines have trained consumers to search conversationally


of Americans 18+ use voice regularly on their device

NPR Edison Research, Smart Audio2022 (n=1.1K)


of the global searches on mobile are through voice

Global Web Index, Voice Search Insights2018 (n=4M)

Product Features

Quick Product Discovery

Let's customers search with natural language searches.

Relevant results with one sentence query engage customers instantly. With 50%+ traffic on mobile, ease and precision of conversational search eliminates 'hamburger menus' to filter. Convert more traffic on both mobile and desktop.

Real-time Answers

Let the AI behind ChatGPT answer your product and policy questions.

We train the AI models behind ChatGPT on your catalog, inventory, policies, etc. to give factual answers on product features, ingredients, proper care, shipping, returns and more by using your knowledge base and content. When customers feel supported with real-time answers in the moment of intent, they buy faster with confidence.

Proactive Digital Agent

Proactively prompts for contextual inputs such as features, benefits, use, and more.

Prompting for customer context builds trust that you are listening to them and engages them with finely curated products, increasing likelihood of product views and conversion.

Personalized Customer Journey

Personalize every product with a description that resonates. Enhance customer experience with effortless navigation without altering your website's existing flow.

Empower customers to understand the product in light of what matters to them, draw their own personal journey, decide when to type, talk, or touch, and complete any action from any page without leaving the page. Customers refine search or ask shipping and returns questions right from product detail, while we keep complete context.

Customer Feedback and Support Resolution

Listens to and asks for customer's feedback on fit, taste, delivery, or any part of the purchase experience. AI driven sentiment analysis determines next steps.

Upsell complimentary products, elicit feedback on prior purchases, evangelize customer bliss, make things right for customers. Customers who feel understood and attended to are more likely to come back and share their experiences with others.

Be the first to delight your customers with Vurbalize’s ChatGPT based intelligent digital assistant that gives your CX a life.

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We integrate your custom commerce stack in days instead of months.


We integrate your custom commerce stack in days instead of months.

About Us

We empower retailers to listen, understand, and serve customers by bringing the power of AI behind ChatGPT through our intelligent digital assistant that understand text, on-screen actions, and even voice on any device – mobile, desktop, smart speakers – in any language.

Having built the conversational AI that powers Alexa and Google Assistant, our team is passionate about making it easy for customers to get what they want with a conversational UI, letting customers buy online the way they would buy in store.

  • We pride ourselves on our maniacal focus on teaching machines how to understand humans, instead of the other way around.

  • We get our kicks from understanding the most complex requests of customers, asking the most intuitive questions in-the-moment, and surprising them with shortest path and instant results.

  • We aspire to be the ears and brains that understands every customer.

  • With our no-code, turn-key solution, we are bringing the power of AI to businesses of all sizes.

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